keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

Helsinki City

So I've never written anything here yet so I thought what better time do it as tonight.

I've been meening to post something new for a while now, but haven't taken any photos, well not really, just some shots of Siru in past few weeks and haven't even transferred them to my computer yet from my cam.. I promise to do it tomorrow, if I get any time, 'cause my sis is coming back to Finland after three weeks trip to Great Britain and France and I get some souveniers :D

I'm at the moment in Helsinki (Capital of Finland) my work has taken me here now twice and will come here again on sunday.. I go back home on friday which means 7-8 hours on train and again same on sunday.

But thats about it tonight, will be posting something new soon, I promise!

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